Dining Experience Pengalaman Rasa
Dining Experience Pengalaman Rasa

Dining Experience Pengalaman Rasa

Bali, Indonesia
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Date & Time
15 May, 2019


31 May, 2019


Enjoy the seven sequences of North Balinese Authentic Cuisine starting from our signature welcome drink, local fruit plater, appetizer,soup, main course, dessert and Balinese coffee or tea. All of the dishes served with old story behind the ingredients, the healthy benefit of the ingredients and the artisan who make it. . Surprise Menu Dining Experience will indulge your apetite with the fusion Balinese Cuisine using seasonal local ingredients which available in our garden and in the traditional market. With impromptu style cooking, we create the ingredients to ten sequences of dishes starting from welcome drink, fruit plater, first appetizer, virgin nectar of toddy palm, soup, second appetizer, apperitive drink, main course, dessert and tasting artisanal Balinese liquor.