ACE Commerce Event 4.0 "Increase Brand Value and Sales Through Influencer Marketing"
ACE Commerce Event 4.0

ACE Commerce Event 4.0 "Increase Brand Value and Sales Through Influencer Marketing"

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Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
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30 January, 2019


Influencers have become the most essential part in the Digital Marketing activities in the last few years. Through the platform like Instagram and YouTube, influencers can effectively reach and attract the targeted customers for a specific business niche. . To get the best insight of the Influencer Marketing world, ACE Commerce presents an Event titled "Increase Brand Value and Sales through Influencer Marketing". ACE Commerce will invite three important figures to dive into the Influencer Marketing topic. which Each figure has their own role in the Influencer Marketing environment. . The First is Gagi Aria, the Brand & Marketing manager of Wellborn who will get us the insight of a brand in managing the Influencer marketing campaign and tell us how an influencer can merit the brand nowadays. Wellborn is one of the successful Local Brand  which performs very well in Instagram with 115k Followers in the main instagram account @wellborncompany and 54k Followers in their catalog account @wellborngoods. . The Second is to dig the Influencer point of view, there is Tasya Kissty, a Fashion role model and Instagram Influencer with more than 164k Followers in her account @tasyakissty. Tasya has endorsed various Fashion brands, and post it almost everyday in her account. In this occasion we can dig deeper of how the influencer create, attract and treat their audiences. And how the relationship between an Influencer and the brands on the eyes of the Influencer. . The third is one who build a platform to connect both brand and Influencer, Rade Tampubolon, CEO of SociaBuzz. Rade with his SociaBuzz, invent a new way of how Influencer and it's client connect each other. With the point of view from the third party who also connecting Influencer and Brand, we can get more insight of how the Brand Value and sales can be improved by Influencer Marketing. . So if you want to build your own brand and planning to have influencers to promote your brand, or you want to be an influencer yourself. This is your best chance, because you can get three perspectives from those who are in the circle of Influencer Marketing field. . this event will be held: Place: IP Spaces Co-working Spaces. Plaza Semanggi 5th Floor Date: Wednesday, January 30th, 2019 Time: 18: 00-19: 00 WIB = Open Regist 19: 00-21: 00 WIB = Start Event . Speakers: Gagi Aria (Brand & Marketing Manager of Wellborn Co.) Tasya Kissty (Instagram Influencers @tasyakissty) Rade Tampubolon (CEO of . Price: Rp. 100,000 (MARK YOUR CALENDAR !!) for futher information:+6282234630604 (Rekso) . RSVP:  RSVP for Student: +6287860480706 (ACE)
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